» » Philippines being predominantly christian asian nation

Philippines being predominantly christian asian nation

It also discusses some of the variety of forms of Christianity practiced today in the Philippines. In the first half, or years of Spanish rule, friars often supported the plight of local peoples over the abuses of the Spanish military. In traditional, staunchly Roman Catholic areas, their missionizing efforts and attacks on syncretic forms of Roman Catholicism are often unwelcome. This led to distinct patterns of colonialism under both Spanish and American rule.
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Christianity in the Philippines

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Catholicism in the Philippines | Religious Literacy Project

The Spanish seldom had to resort to military force to win over converts, instead the impressive display of pomp and circumstance, clerical garb, images, prayers, and liturgy attracted the rural populace. In , he and his family were exiled to Hawaii and Corazon Aquino was sworn in as president. During the period of armed rebellion against Spain, a nationalized church was organized under Gregorio Aglipay, who was made "Spiritualhead of the Nation Under Arms. The Iglesia ni Kristo is another Filipino-founded sect that has found strong support among well-to-do Filipinos.
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Many recent Protestant missionaries, in contrast, fail to recognize the value of supporting indigenous customs, and simply attack local religious practices as evil. Related Content. Its close associations with Filipino identity have placed the Catholic Church at the heart of nationalism, social justice, and other movements, while at the same time has been associated with power, elitism, and exploitation at various points in its history.
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The powerful metaphors of suffering and resurrection deployed by the Church served as the catalyst for widespread protests and support for a Cory Aquino presidency, who took Cardinal Sin as a close adviser. In the first half, or years of Spanish rule, friars often supported the plight of local peoples over the abuses of the Spanish military. The current challenge to the supremacy of the Catholic church comes from a variety of small sects -- from the fundamentalist Christian groups, such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists, to the lglesia ni Kristo and Rizalists. It is an omen of terrible fates, and fishers fear for their lives if they go out fishing on that day. On October 31, for example, children in rural villages in the Philippines often go house to house asking for small sums of money--a traditional almsgiving. See next hot hd pov
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